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Youth engagement

13 марта 2018

Declarations on Drug Policy adopted by youth | Africa, Middle East, Central Asia

The project aims to promote active participation of young people in drug policy development and implementation, through: improving skills and capacity of youth organizations in advocating for the rights of vulnerable people such as drug users; fostering quality improvements in youth work and volunteering; enhancing cooperation between youth organizations from different regions of the world; promoting…

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18 октября 2017

Training course in Khujand, Tajikistan | UNDEF: Youth engagement in drug policy development

In Tajikistan, Khujand City, Villa Maraini, the IFRC Reference Centre for drugs, has been held the 3rd training course financed by the UNDEF on the «Youth Engagement in the field of substance abuse».

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18 августа 2017

Всеобщая встреча ERNA 2017 | Бишкек, Кыргызстан

    The 19th General Meeting of the European Red Cross and Red Crescent Network on HIV, AIDS and TB has been held in the capital of  the Kyrgyz Republic and brought together representatives of more than 20 national societies in Europe and Asia, as well as representatives of local NGOs and international organizations.   ERNA…

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18 мая 2017

Drug addiction: the International Partnership on Substance Abuse concluded its first youth training in Kenya

  The International Partnership on Substance Abuse (composed by Villa Maraini Foundation, the Italian Red Cross and IFRC) was granted for an education project by the UNDEF (UN Fund for Democracy) to organize a cycle of trainings on  humanitarian drug policies targeted for youth volunteers. Next meetings are scheduled for late July in Kyrghizstan RC,…

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